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Business, How to Start February 28, 2018

QUALITY STANDARDS : IS: 1948-1961, IS: 1949-1961
Aluminum fabricated items like doors, windows, staircase, hand rails and supports, railings for verandas, corridors etc. have become that standard accepted feature in most modern buildings, The use of aluminum in business and office complexes ,buildings, theatres ,auditorium is very extensive for functional as well as decorative purposes. Similarly in residential buildings also aluminum doors, windows, railings, grill works etc. are used extensively. Textile shops and other trading shops in lighter materials too are going in for shelves made of aluminum for tacking purposes.
The many advantages of aluminum such as lightweight, strength, corrosion resistance, durability, ease in fabrication, attractive appearance and easy maintenance make it a popular material for use in modern building. Aluminum required for use in buildings are available from large scale manufacturers-such as Balco, Jindal, Hindalco etc. as extruded sections in various shapes and sizes for specific uses. These sections are also available through their local dealers. The usual length of these sections is 12 ft. 24 meters. Fabricators anodized these to desired colours and fabricate the items as per the customer’s requirements. These items have good appearance and finish and the maintenance expenses are almost nil while steel and wooden items require regular painting and polishing periodically.

The development and construction activities being interlinked, there is good scope for aluminium fabrication units for meeting the growing demand of new building for offices, business and shopping complexes theatres etc. Aluminium fabricated and anodized items like doors, windows, railings, staircases, shelves; ladders, etc. are being increasingly used in the modern constructions on considerations of durability and appearance. In the present trend , theatres restaurants, hotels, shopping complexes, office premises and other luxurious building are fast replacing wooden materials with aluminium-fabricated items. The consumption of these items is on the increase.
(i) Manufacturing process:
Manufacturing Process involves anodizing the aluminium-extruded sections first and then fabrication. Anodising process involves buffing, pickling, in acid solution then cleaning in water, neutralizing in chemical and keeping the extruded sections in anodizing tank for specified time. These are again washed in water and dried in sun or by any other means. After anodizing the sections are to be fabricated as per design and sizes of customers by cutting, bending, joining by screwing or riveting, assembling with glass/board and beading wherever necessary. Handles, locks, tower bolts, stoppers etc. are also fitted as per requirements.
(ii)Quality specifications: Following relevant quality specifications to Aluminium fabrication work. IS: 1948-1961:- Specification for aluminium doors, windows and ventilators: Specifies requirements regarding materials, fabrication and dimensions of aluminium doors, windows and ventilators manufactured from extruded aluminium alloy sections of standard sizes and designs completed with fittings ready for fixing with buildings. This standard does not cover the requirements for industrial doors, windows and ventilators.

IS: 1949-1961:- Specification for Aluminium Windows for Industrial
Buildings: deals with aluminium windows suitable for use in industrial buildings. Aluminium doors, windows, stair case hand rails etc. are made as per the customers’ specifications and requirements. Workmanship and high finish 5 are main criteria for these kind of products. Care should be taken in joining and assembling to get better appearance and finish.
Manual on Doors & Widows details for Residential Buildings, Vol.-I of CPWD
IS: 4571-1977:- Specification for Aluminium Extension Ladders for Fire Brigade use
(iii) Production Capacity Per Annum
S.No. Description                                             Qty. Value                               Lakh(Rs.)
a) Stair case hand rails :                                1700 Mtr.                                   11.9
b) Doors :                                                            2500 Sq. m.                                47.5
c( Windows
(iv) Motive Power required :                          10 HP
(v)Pollution Control :
The anodizing process using acid solution may leave residual solution which has to be disposed of periodically. This may lead to some pollution in the water source if the disposal of such residual solution is not done taking due precautions. The local pollution control board may be s\consulted for appropriate method of disposal of these solutions.
(vi) Energy Conservation
Energy conservation of this unit is on the low side since the lower powered motors are used in the production activity. The workers of the unit should be made aware of the need to conserve energy by switching off the energy sources when not required.

(G) Machinery and Equipments
(H) (i) Raw Materials & Direct Consumables ( ii) Utilities
(I) Addresses of Machinery & Equipment Suppliers:
(J) Addresses of Raw Material Suppliers:

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Business of Leaf Cup Plate Making

Business, How to Start February 15, 2018

How to Start :  Leaf cup plates are finding extensive uses in serving eatables / food in parties funct6ions and social gatherings. Now a days the product is very much popular in the country because these are hygiene in nature, germ free, leak proof good looking cheap in cost and most important that these are eco friendly with environment. Continue reading …

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Business of Kora Grass mat weaving

Business, How to Start February 15, 2018

How to start : Kora Grass mat weaving is one os the tradiional industies in the country. At present the mats are woven on traditional looms by weavers. With a view to increasing the production and earnings of the artisans, the societies will undertake weaving on the improved looms devised by the Fibre Directorate of KVIC. This activity is predominant in Tmilnadu,  Continue reading …

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Business of Handmade Unit Based on Cotton Rags

Business, How to Start February 15, 2018

How to Start : The Handmade paper Industy has become more popular because of its eco-friendly nature and has a significant impact for growing forest and preserving the greenery. The water and air pollution is also negligible. The export of handmade paper is increased in multiples with the growing awareness in developed and developing countries. The demand of handmade paper is increasing day by day in domestic as well as in international market. Continue reading …

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Business of Handmade Paper Unit Based on Banana Fibre

Business, How to Start February 15, 2018

How To Start : The Handmade paper Industy has become more popular because of its eco-friendly nature and has a significant impact for growing forest and preserving the greenery. The water and air pollution is also negligible. The export of handmade paper is increased in multiples with the growing awareness in developed and developing countries. In recent years handful number of handmade paper manufacturer become cent percente export oriented unts. These units are exporting handmade paper & its products to several countries. Continue reading …

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Business of Card Board Manufacturing

Business, How to Start February 15, 2018

Cardboard Boxes are made of Carboards and used for packing medicines , sweets , ready made guraments , shoes , Hosiery , Soaps, etc . The project invesages purchase of cardboards , cutting them to sizes , staple and packed in various sizes .A cardboard box is basically made up of a flute (made up of recycled paper), sandwiched between two liners.Packing Supply is one of the leading Corrugated Box & Cardboard packaging cartons supplier across the India

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