Business of Handmade Unit Based on Cotton Rags


How to Start : The Handmade paper Industy has become more popular because of its eco-friendly nature and has a significant impact for growing forest and preserving the greenery. The water and air pollution is also negligible. The export of handmade paper is increased in multiples with the growing awareness in developed and developing countries. The demand of handmade paper is increasing day by day in domestic as well as in international market. Handmade paper production meets only 0.5% of total requirement of paper in India. Considering the past experience, it is observed that sustainable potential for increasing its contribution towards bridging the gap by producing different grades of papers adopting intermediate technology, utilisation of rural agricultural waste and there by providing gainful employment.

Process of Manufacture: (a) The raw material, waste cotton rags procurred waste from readymade garment units, is sorted by hand. (b) The sorted cotton rags are put through a mechanized rag chopper that cuts the rags into small uniform sizes. ( c) The chopped rags beaten to pulp in a power operated Beater. (d) A sheet of pulp is formed over the mould and couched onto a cloth felt which acts an interleaf separating wet sheets. (e) A pile of the wet sheets then pressed and exesses water is removed from the wet sheets. (f) The pressed sheets are peeled and separated from the cloth and loft dried for natural drying. (f) The dried sheets are calendared for smoothness and then cut into a required sizes.

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